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FBS CopyTrade – Online investment 2020 com.fbs.ctand.Apk – INCREASE YOUR CHANCES TO PROFIT WITH MINIMAL INVESTMENTS
Increase your chances to get a profit with FBS CopyTrade App, the award-winning social trading platform that allows copy skilled traders and invest easily.
Open a free account and start investing with FBS CopyTrade App! Let FBS traders work for you and get an opportunity to grow your supplemental income online.
You don’t need to have any experience with the specific financial knowledge to enter the market. It’s all up to you how to start. Make a deposit you are ready to invest: the minimal amount is $1, copy top traders, and allow them to increase your chances to gain.


It’s possible to make stable supplemental income easily via social trading. Just copy the experts’ trades and profit with their successful activity in a click!
Once you join FBS CopyTrade, you automatically get the following features:
•Abundant catalog of the best global market performers
•Detailed real-time information per each trader activity
•All social trading tools you need to invest wisely
•Personal investing history
•List of the favorite traders
•Over 100 payment systems to deposit and withdraw
•Secure profile details
•24/7 working support team in your language
•Risk-Free Investments feature allows all newcomers of the capital
market to learn how to invest wisely via practice without any specific knowledge about finances, trading and investment platforms
Explore social trading for beginners and become an expert. Invest easily and wisely and learn from the best players on the global market right from the start!
FBS CopyTrade is not just an app and a place to invest, copy and earn – it’s the ideal social trading platform to engage and share knowledge with experienced traders.
The app also has a great option for people to earn more on online trading. With FBS CopyTrade App and FBS, as your broker trader can get fixed monetary reward for the trades that were copied by the investors.
As a world-famous and reliable online broker, FBS connects the robust community of top traders and investors in FBS CopyTrade App. You get access to various contests, promos, and events from the broker and our world-known partners. You can also enjoy additional benefits, such as secure deposits and withdrawal via over 100 payment systems.

Whenever you need, you can check the real-time statistics of your earnings and the profit of traders you want to copy. FBS CopyTrade App makes it easy to choose the successful traders to earn on them.
•Invest in diversified trading portfolios of the best traders
•Deposit and withdraw via over 100 payment systems
•Control all your investments’ profitability
Try our easy-to-use and technology-driven interface. FBS CopyTrade App is a social trading platform that is created to give you an opportunity to earn through investments.
FBS CopyTrade App is a smart platform for social trading from the best online broker in the capital market.
With the FBS CopyTrade App in your pocket, even a beginner investor may turn into a professional. The app quickly boosts your economic knowledge. Forget about trading solo – join a vast and powerful social trading network of top-performing market players!
FBS is an acknowledged, licensed international online broker and the official trading partner of FC Barcelona football team. We are present in 190+ countries, have more than 370 000 partners, and more than 14 million active traders; for more than eleven years, we provide secure, innovative, and client-friendly financial services.

With us as a broker trader has limitless opportunities. FBS has various services, mobile apps, and trading platforms that help our online trading community to get the best offers and trading results.
Thank you for choosing FBS CopyTrade App! This update includes:
– Bug fixes
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