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Forex Trading Book – Traders Guide 2020 com.fbs.forexguide.Apk – Get the ultimate Forex guide for beginners. Learn all the basics of Forex and CFD trading with examples from an experienced broker. Find out how to open orders, and what instruments to trade, how to decide to buy or sell, and how to manage risks with “Take Profit” and “Stop Loss” features.
Grow into an expert with Forex and CFD trading book.
Forex Trading Book from FBS is a great chance for novice traders to succeed on the financial market with clever guidance. Learn to manage your funds and grow your income with effective Forex strategies


All information necessary to learn Forex is divided into 11 chapters of our book. The materials are presented in a user-friendly interface and are easy to navigate by chapters.
On the whole, the Book is a short and effective Forex trading course with investing tips for beginner traders.

A trader will find everything a novice needs to know in the trading guide:
• the basic Forex terms and definitions (Forex, CFD, candlesticks, etc.)
• when and how to trade (Forex trading strategy, online CFD trading, etc.)
• what instruments to trade and the differences between them
• the instructions on how much money to spend on one trade
• various trading strategies and trading patterns (scalping, breakout, Elliot Wave, chart patterns, reversal candlesticks, Harmonic patterns, etc.)
• how to calculate pips profit and loss
• all you need to know on risk management in Forex
• what is fundamental trading (learn Forex graphs)
• what is Forex technical Analysis
• what are the Forex indicators (ichimoku indicators, gator oscillator, MACD, etc.)
• what features FBS offers for the most beneficial trading

When the trader finishes reading all the chapters, he or she will be all set to enter the real market and trade thoroughly.


The Forex book is designed for the most convenient usage by the traders.
Various color identification for chapters have been read and to be read
Progress bar to monitor how much you still need to learn
User-friendly interface to help you progress easily
Forex Trading Book is an ultimate trading guide from FBS; the world-famous online broker trader can profit greatly.
In the Book, you can also learn about the mobile application that can help you trade on the real market or practice on demo accounts until you are ready to proceed further. Find all the information about FBS Trader, an all-in-one trading platform, where you can implement all the top strategies you’ve learned with our trading and investing guide.


FBS is an acknowledged, licensed international online broker and the official trading partner of FC Barcelona football team. We are present in 190+ countries, have more than 370 000 partners, and more than 15 million active traders; for more than ten years, we provide secure, innovative, and client-friendly financial services for professional traders and explain Forex for beginners.
FBS provides CFD books and Forex trading books free for traders.

Join the most reliable broker. Learn to trade stocks, metals, CFDs, and more than 50 currency pairs mobile. Bring your Forex investments to a new level.
FBS. Always by your side
Forex trading book is an ultimate Forex and CFD guide for beginner traders.
In the application you can find all information necessary to grow into pro trader:
-the basic Forex terms and definitions
-when and how to trade
-what instruments to trade and the differences between them
-the instructions on how much money to spend on one trade
-various trading strategies and trading patterns
-Forex technical Analysis
-what are the Forex indicators

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