Download Learn Chinese HSK 2 Chinesimple es.aroundpixels.hsk2lite.apk

Learn Chinese HSK 2 Chinesimple 2020 es.aroundpixels.hsk2lite.Apk – The new Chinese HSK Level 2 will allow you to easily and interactively dominate the official HSK Level 2. You will find a full HSK 2 dictionary and a comprehensive list of sentences and expressions spread over 11 very everyday topics.

But there are more: 15 different games, 153 Picturecard/Flashcard, +3000 challenges and 33 achievements are waiting for you. With Chinese HSK Level 2 you will listen, speak, write and play while you are checking your progress. Full stats will show your learning progress and mistakes.

Dominate this Chinese level easily!

● Dictionary with the 153 HSK level 2 words
● 153 Picturecard/Flashcard HSK level 2 words
● Simplified and Traditional hanzi characters
● Save your words in your starred list
● Search words by meaning, hanzi or pinyin
● Voice search (Chinese and English, requires internet connection)
● 166 sentences and expressions spread over 11 everyday topics
● Chinese lessons (only in English, requires internet connection)
● 15 different games
● 33 achievements
● +3000 challenges
● Chinese stroke order
● Hanzi color tones
● All audio content is recorded by a Chinese native
● Possibility to record your own audio pronunciation
● Voice Recognition (requires internet connection)
● Real-time learning stats
● Check your mistakes
● Adapted for smartphone and tablet
● Available in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish
• French, Italian and Russian translation for HSK 5 lessons.
• German translation for similar/confusing words.
• Dictionary list footer word buttons (HSK level, sentences count, and lessons count) are now clickable.
• Write the Story game will ask for confirmation before close it to avoid losing the progress accidentally.
• Some minor fixes and improvements.

Download latest version Learn Chinese HSK 2 Chinesimple es.aroundpixels.hsk2lite.Apk

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