Download Livery Angkot BUSSID com.modpremium.liveryangkotbussid.apk

Livery Angkot BUSSID 2020 com.modpremium.liveryangkotbussid.Apk – In the following, we provide both angkot skins and mods, both original and modif angkot types.
Inside there are 12 angkot livery you can change, where the bussid angkot mod livery is the best-selling public vehicle livery on the market too!

For those of you who are confused how to install this bussid angkot mod livery:
1. Make sure you have bussid update v 3.0
2. Download the angkot and livery vehicle mod applications
3. Open bussid, then select mod
4. Import the file, if it doesn’t already exist, you can move the mod file from the download to the bussid file
5. Select the check and activate it
6. Return to the garage, then set the mod, and finish

Hello bussid mania and angkot mania, come on now for public transportation bussid, now also install this application, and update the latest bussid features with hazard lights, turn signal lights, bussid lights and many more, free !!!
new Download Link Update
Fix Bugs
Add Livery

Download latest version Livery Angkot BUSSID com.modpremium.liveryangkotbussid.Apk

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