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NAGA – Social Trading Stocks, Forex and Crypto 2020 – Trading and investing for anyone, anytime, anywhere. NAGA is the premiere mobile trading app and social network platform. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, NAGA gives you everything you need.

★ Over 800 tradable instruments
Trade your capital with the lowest fees and real-time execution. NAGA offers more than 800 instruments, including Forex, Bitcoin, Tesla, gold, silver, oil, stocks and shares, and more.

★ Social trading
With NAGA’s community of over 600,000 users, you can share your trades and exchange ideas through likes and comments. Use NAGA Messenger to exchange information with other users 1-1 or in group chats. Plus, get real-time news from top financial media outlets such as Thomson Reuters and Yahoo Finance, right on your personalized, self-learning newsfeed.

★ Copy top investors with a click
No experience? No problem. Check out the NAGA leaderboard and simply follow our best traders. Define how much you want to invest and follow the top traders of your choice.

Got experience? NAGA pays up to $0.30 per copied trade on top of your trading profits.

★ Completely commission-free
Our model is simple – no hidden costs, no tricks. Buy, sell, and trade without worrying about any commission.

★ Become a master trader
NAGA Academy offers seminars, live coaching, and the latest news. You’ll always be on top of the market, and we’ll help you understand how markets work and how to best benefit from them.

★ Lightning-fast withdrawals
Take control of your investment. NAGA gives you the option to pay in and out using 20 different methods, completely free of charge. View your finances and withdraw or deposit easily within 24 hours.

★ The NAGA Mastercard
Order your own NAGA Mastercard, which is linked to your trading account, so you can pay out trading profits instantly to your card and checkout, wherever Mastercard is accepted.

★ Top-notch security
We are not only a broker, we are a financial technology company and have been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2017. NAGA is also subject to strict regulations, meaning strong compliance and a high level of privacy rights.

Act Responsibly: CFDs are action instruments and carry a risk of losing money quickly from taxes on leverage. 76.69% of money is lost by retail customers when trading CFDs on these offers. Be careful when choosing CFDs and in how you act, and understand that there is an inevitably high risk of losing your money.
We are marching on with our awesome re-design!
In this version you will be able to navigate through the NAGA world absoultely in style!

Our engineers and expert designers have elevated the menu to another level!
We have re-arranged the items, added a nice grouping and help you to search any menu point with a tap!

We hope you will enjoy it the same way we do!

Happy Trading

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