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SGRS 1.4.9 com.rajkot.gurukul.mantrajapcount.Apk – This application is for all devotee and students. The app contains the personal information of the person like family, studies and occupation details. Also a gurukul skill, which might be helpful for us!
Currently we have a Mantrajap module in the application. Mantrajap means chanting of the Lord name.

6 Benefits of Mantra Jap
• Japa meditation reduces stress and calms the mind. …
• Your heart loves meditation. …
• Meditation improves concentration and focus. …
• Meditation reduces negative thoughts and improves mood. …
• Mantra meditation cultivates positive emotions. …
• Mantras increase shakti, grit, and resilience.

So SGRS has developed an application to reduce stress from life and remain calm. Mantra Japa will help each human being to improve concentration and focus. In this application you will find a Mala, Murti and chanting mantra with melodious voice.

In this module one can add there daily mantrajap! In this module, one can set the goal of daily Mantrajap and later can track his/her Mantrajap on a regular basis. Also, Mantrajap can be added automatically on application or can add manually. In future, we will add our new module and future events. Hence, stay tuned!

Hope everyone will get benefits of Mantra Jap!
– Fixed few issues

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